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Error firmware monitor HP 24ea

HP 24ea 23.8" monitor

Non stop floating OSD messages in a monitor HP 24ea make using desktop extremely difficult

Non stop floating OSD messages in a monitor HP 24ea make using desktop extremely difficult and menu option to switch off them don't work, when connecting monitor to PC via VGA.

I have an HP 24ea monitor connected to a PC via VGA cable. The PCs have the graphics card set to 1920x1080 60Hz and it can be seen correctly on the monitor. However, the monitor pops up a floating window with a message saying "Input signal out of range, current mode H = 73.6Hz V = 65Hz. Change mode to 1920x1080 60Hz." and a yellow triangle of danger. In addition, lower buttons on the monitor stop working, putting the screen in black and not appearing the monitor control menu when pressing the corresponding button. I insist that desktop is right displayed but the floating message, which is produced by the monitor, not by the PC, is circling arround the screen, over the contents of the desktop and it is not possible to avoid it using the monitor menu because two reasons: lower buttons do not work when VGA wire is used and OFF option of OSD messages dont take effect.

I have tried with another monitor (same model HP 24ea), with the same results. It also happens when changing the graphics card in the PC or changing to another PC with VGA output. Working with a different model monitor, the trouble not exists.

However, changing the VGA cable for an HDMI cable the buttons work correctly and the floating message does not appear, using the same equipment and graphics card. I have then set the option Monitor Status (in menu control - OSD messages) to OFF but, if I reconnect the monitor using VGA cable, floating message returns. However, if I set Monitor Status to any other value (top, bottom, middle), the message stops floating on the screen and is placed in the chosen position. I conclude then that the firmware of the monitor has a bug, at least, with OFF option for Monitor Status messages.


I opened a case in HP support webpage, that was quicly closed by HP without sending any reason.


Is there another way to disable status messages in this monitor ?

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Error firmware monitor HP 24ea


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