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Is there a HP Travel Power Adapter 65W (or 90W) for the HP ENVY Notebook 15-k202ns?



I've been looking for a HP Travel Power Adapter 65W (or 90W) that worked for my HP Laptop (HP ENVY Notebook 15-k202ns). The one that comes with the laptop still works but I find this format more elegant and easy to carry with ( According to this page: it should work, but I'm not sure because in the product specification page: the power adapter that comes by default with my laptop is a 90W one.


BTW I'm looking also for an extended battery if there is one at all, because I couldn't find any.

My laptop is from 2015 but it still works perfectly with the 8GB of RAM and the i7 5500U, the problem is that the battery can't hold a work shift and it's really anoying to be all the time depending on a power plug. 


It works for 2 hours or so with the display at mid brightness and balanced mode (3 and half if everything is on the minimun, no bluetooth, baterry saving mode, and when I don't need it turning wifi off). I've tried everything (undervolting too) and the external batteries I've found on the web seem or too heavy or not reliable.


Thank you and have a nice day!

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Is there a HP Travel Power Adapter 65W (or 90W) for the HP ENVY Notebook 15-k202ns?


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