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HP OMEN X RAM Cannot be upgraded?!

OMEN X by HP 900-100la
Microsoft Windows 10 (64-bit)

I have read that HP OMEN X max memory capabilities is up to 32 RAM, and OMEN 870 supports up to 64 RAM. 


This makes me fell really cheated since I payed double the money for the OMEN X and now I am not supposed to be able to increase the RAM capacity while the OMEN 870 is actually capable to do it? 


Is there a way I can upgrade my RAM in this device?. 


Thank you,

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Administrador de HP
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HP OMEN X RAM Cannot be upgraded?!

Hello @CarlosV12 !

Welcome to our community! :generic:

Our Forum is a dynamic community, where users of HP products come to post your questions in Spanish. If you feel more comfortable, I suggest, please post your question in the forum English: HP Support Forums.

If you prefer to continue in this forum, write messages in Spanish.

Thank you,

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